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Interested in Joining our SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM!? 


Our Sponsorship program is for Gamers and content creators. We are trying to be more than a seller of collectables but to also build a community that we can be proud of. if you are a driven person with motivation and dreams for your future, then we may have a spot on the team for YOU!.

Please fill out the form below and tell us about you and submit a link all of your social media accounts for us to review. if approved we provide

Personalized Discount Codes

 Commision payouts for sale referrals

Promoting your brand on our socials and advertisements 

Access to our private discord to collaborate

 with other affiliates and creative minds.

Path to partner for free merch

*all discount codes only apply to our direct site store only*

Thank you. We will Email you with your application result.

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